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The essence of Berlin-Tegel

Back in the USSR ( pls contact me for copy)

Werner Nöfer: Erinnerungen von Landschaften, Co-Author

Architekturführer Baku, Co-Author

halten, 2022 01, Stillgestanden! – Infrastrukturbauten, Co-Author

2// The Essence of Berlin Tegel – Feature Menschenfreundlichkeit im Sechsec Der ewige Abschied von Tegel Foto-Hommage an den Flughafen Berlin-Tegel Ein tief humaner Flughafen

3// Back in the USSR – Feature

NZZ: Adieu Tegel

 Greyscape: A love affair with soviet bus stops Back to the Future; The surprising, delightful architecture of Soviet era bus stops Architektur zeigen ohne Vorauswahl Warte! Das ist doch Kunst! 500 buss stops in former Soviet Union

مواقف باصات فريدة تسترجع الحقبة السوفيتية في أذربيجان

4// I have found the definition of beauty

– my concept of beauty. Something at the same time full of sadness and full of restrained glow, something floatingly inaccurate, which leaves room for conjecture. (Charles Baudelaire)

5// It is possible that we often look at something similar

without seeing it. We do not see what we perceive. We do not see what we are looking at. We do not see the extraordinary perspectives and the shortening of objects. We, who have been taught to see the ordinary and the acquired, we have to rediscover the world of the visible. (Alexander Rodtschenko)

6// The forgotten civilization

The nature of the wind has slowly but deeply caressed the genuine concrete. Memories of the past, and the indifference of the present, have left the Soviet Modernist constructions lost in time and behind the dust of a new generation that doesn’t want to look back. In the complex discourse of our cities, these objects remain like disconnected phrases, forgotten words, of a civilization that seems not to exist anymore. (Mane Tatoulian)

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7// Pictures are important areas

They point to something in space-time „out there“, which they are supposed to make us imagine as abstractions. The photographer creates, processes and stores symbols. The structure of the photographic gesture is quantitative: a doubt built up from point-like hesitation and point-like decision making. (Vilém Flusser)